Rod Wave SoulFly Album Sales Exceed Expectations

rod wave exceeds records

Rod Wave beats rap album sales expectations with his latest hip hop project “SoulFly”.

It is no surprise that Rod Wave is hitting these kinds of numbers, especially with his new sophomore album. “SoulFly” was finally released by Alamo Records and already has been smashing the artist’s previous records. Rod Wave was a wave in itself during late 2020, for this new album, the rapper is alone in the studio for the majority of the rap album.

Rod Wave secures the #1 debut spot, making over 125,000 sales in the first week. The album does feature Chicago legend Polo G. This is a great increase compared to his previous album “Pray 4 Love”. In which the freshman album sold 72,000 copies in the first week.

Rod Wave says, “I ain’t gon’ lie. I ain’t had no features on my album, but I was going to the jewelry store and I bumped into Polo G,” he continues, “When I seen him, I was like, ‘Oh sh*t, another rapper.’ I was kinda like, I don’t wanna say avoiding bro… and he kinda walked up to me like, ‘Bro, I f*ck with you’ type sh*t. I’m like, damn that’s crazy. I didn’t know bro was like that.”

What do you guys think of Rod Wave’s new album SoulFly? Love it? Hate it? Tell us in the comments below!

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One thought on “Rod Wave SoulFly Album Sales Exceed Expectations

  1. Rumor has it that he took himself off Drakes lemon pepper freestyle, imagine the more numbers he would’ve done if he hadn’t!!

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