Roddy Ricch The Story

Roddy Ricch just released his new music video for “The Box” and it has already amassed 13 million views on YouTube on its first day. Take a look at the video here.

Ever since the release off this new single in December 2019, Roddy Ricch has reached new levels of success. Ricch is now under way to becoming a household musician.


Born October 22, 1998 in the city of Compton, California, Rodrick Wayne Moore Jr. grew up in rough neighborhoods that had plenty of violence and drugs. With his early involvement with crime, Roddy became a member of the “Crips” gang and continued to build his reputation as a gang member to impress his peers.

Before going into details, Roddy Ricch left the lifestyle of crime to pursue his music dreams. The southern style rapper then poured his experiences from the hood onto his lyrics. “Illustrator of the streets” says Ricch when describing his role in the hip-hop community.

2020 For Roddy Ricch

Currently it is hard NOT to see Roddy Ricch in your hip-hop feed. This young man was able to catch the attention of social media by storm as his latest single attracted many viral videos made on platforms such as Tik Tok.

Many of these viral videos start off with the unique verbal sound from the song “The Box” and turn it into something funny like a window wiper, door creeks and more. After Tik Tok, many others continue to do similar videos across other popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Next thing you know “The Box” was playing everywhere.

Surprisingly, the single even topped Justin Bieber’s “Yummy” and Post Malone’s “Circles” thus earning the spot for #1 single.

Many guessed that Roddy Rich would become a one hit wonder with the release of one of his most popular tracks “Die Young” which came out in late 2018. Fortunately, Roddy proved that he was here to stay and came out with “Ricch Forever” and his 2nd mixtape “Feed Tha Streets II”. Another fan favorite is his collaboration with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie on “Tip Toe”.

Roddy The Ricch is signed to Atlantic Records and is managed by Bird Vision Entertainment.

It is clear that Roddy Ricch will not be falling short of talent any time soon and he has big plans for the year 2020. Ricch is estimated to be worth $3 million dollars as of February 2020. On a Fader interview, Roddy Ricch explains how he wants to go into business in the near future and does not want to put all of his focus on creating new music.

Some might say that the fame of Roddy Ricch is “Sudden” but if you take a closer look, Ricch has been in the game for a long time, dating back to his high school years.

Before The Fame

Being from Compton, California, little Rodrick was around violence and gangs growing up. With most of his cousins and family members in the “Crips” gang, Roddy has little options and eventually was influenced enough to take part of the criminal lifestyle.

At an early age of 8 years Roddy was already rapping and he also went to the same church as Kendrick Lamar. After giving Lamar a quick freestyle, Kendrick Lamar encourages Roddy to continue his passion for music. Kendrick later talks about a story of a good kid that made it out the horror of the hood and this gave Roddy Rich the edge he needed.

Roddy then continued to rap about his experiences with the real tragedies of his area. Roddy says, “I walked 20 blocks in the middle of the night. On some corners, the entire corner is covered in blood”.  Viewing these kinds of scenes have great effect on young people and their development.

Because of this, Roddy Rich expressed anti-social behavior and was put into therapy which he later abandoned in 8th grade. The streets started to take a toll on Roddy and eventually his life in crime led his mom to kicking him out the house. Roddy’s parents are known to be religious and did not tolerate any criminal actions.

By 10th grade, Roddy left his high school basketball team and fully submerged into the street life. At one instance, Roddy wanted to prove his reckless behavior to the gang by throwing a rock through a restaurant window and allowing his gang to rob the location. Roddy was now selling drugs and executing more robberies.  

Roddy was attracted to the street lifestyle and was further influenced by music from Chief Keef and Speaker Knockers. This Atlanta/Chicago trap like music inspired him to create his 1st Mixtape “Feed Tha Streets”. Keep in mind that Roddy Rich was only 16 at the time.

At 16 Roddy Rich was already experienced in beat production, rap, and luckily for him his family was scattered across the nation. This played to his benefit because it allowed him to travel to different areas and become influenced by his travels instead of his life on the streets in Compton.

Unfortunately, when Roddy returned home, he swept back into the life of crime and was soon arrested for the first time for what he says could’ve been a “gun charge”. It was at this time that the young man got a glimpse of what life could be behind bars. After spending 2 weeks in jail, Roddy vowed to never get in trouble again.


After jail, Roddy Ricch made his first mixtape in November 2017 named “Feed Tha Streets” which had the tracks “Chase Tha Bag”, “Hoodricch”, and “Fucc It Up”. The mixtape caught attention of rapper Meek Mill and Nipsey Hustle. In March 2018 he released his EP “Be 4 Tha Fame” and shortly after he released his then most famous single “Die Young”.

“Die Young” was a tribute to the late rapper XXXTentacion who was killed inside his car during a robbery. The track was produced by the famous London On Tha Track and it blew out of proportion in the hip-hop community. Tragically, Roddy’s best friend was killed in a high-speed car chase only 2 months after the release.

It is at this point that the success of “Die Young” took a toll on the rapper as he divulged back into the life of crime. After a while, Roddy came out with “Ricch Forever” which grabbed the attention of even more major artists. In October 2018 he was gifted a Meek Mill’s label “Dreamchaser” chain during a performance from Roddy’s new mixtape “Feed Tha Streets II”. This Mixtape peaked at 67 on the Billboard 200.

After this mixtape, Roddy collabed with DJ Marshmello on a single named “Project Dreams” and it proved to be successful as well as his other genres.

Roddy Rich then made a single with one of his influences, Nipsey Hustle called “Racks in the Middle” which debuted at 26 on the Billboard list. This single also won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance for 2020.

Lastly, his now most popular single “The Box” has peaked at number 1 on the billboard list.

New Charges Dropped

Roddy Ricch recently had a charge dropped on January 15th from a case involving his girlfriend. Apparently, the couple had an argument in August 2019 in their residence where Roddy “grabbed” his girlfriend and left damage on her body. Medical attention was provided to the female and Roddy was arrested and put in jail. Ricch bailed himself out with 50k and released his album “Please Excuse Me For Being Antisocial” in the following month of September.

What do you think Roddy Ricch has in stored for us in 2020?

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