Saweetie Releases ‘Pretty Summer Playlist’ On All Platforms

saweetie releases pretty summer playlist after quavo breakup

Saweetie is celebrating the 16th of april with the release of her new project ‘Pretty Summer Playlist’. The EP consists of 7 tracks, the 27-year-old California female rapper is making hits in 2020 and 2021. She announced the release of this playlist last week in an Instagram post stating, “Every summer I’m sharing my platform and dropping a fly ass playlist featuring artists who are up next.”.

After her 2019 EP Icy, Saweetie continiously made news even before the EP. Saweetie has been seen hanging out with Justin Bieber, The bLack Keys, Doja Cat, and lots of major EDM artists like Diplo and Major Lazer.

Official Saweetie Twitter

Saweetie remains active on Twitter by posting about her latest music. Check out the latest tweets from Saweetie on her Twitter by clicking here. Many fans continue to suspect that Saweetie and Justin Combs are seeing each other after recent pictures. Other fans are suggesting that Saweetie and Quavo are seeing each other in private.

Saweetie Shuns Quavo For Cheating With Other Women

Saweetie recently tells rap sources that she is broke up with Atlanta rapper Quavo. After being tagged by Quavo tweets, Saweetie takes to Twitter by saying, “How you figure, ain’t the woman that you thought? / You was humpin’ thots, fu**in’ narcissist, you just mad you got caught,”.

It is surprising to see how things elevated between the hip hop couple, as Quavo gifted the young female rapper a Bentley for Christmas. After the recent breakup, Saweetie tells rap sources that she still have the keys to the luxury vehicle.

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