Sleepy Hallow Drops Hip Hop Tracks Before Album

sleepy hallow purple banner

The UK sounding New York rapper Sleep Hallow surprised his fans on Wednesday (May 29th) by dropping two tracks. The new rap tracks are stemming from an upcoming album from the Brooklyn native. The tracks are Chicken and Mi No Sabe and they both have music videos ready to be viewed.

The hip hop singles will be included in Sleepy Hallow’s new upcoming album titled Still Sleep?, the album drops on June 2.

The music video above features the classic simple beat that Hallow loves rapping on. The producer behind this project was Great John and the two made a great video in a foreign country. Sleepy Hallow on the track explains his flex on haters and continues to add that New York Drill sound that many fans love.

Other tracks that was already released before the album include “2055” and “2 Sauce”. Sleepy Hallow received his first Gold Certified RIAA for his single “Deep End Freestyle” in 2020. I am personally excited to see what Sleepy Hallow brings to 202` with the new album. Listen to his new tracks now before the album drops!

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