SouljaCoin: The New Cryptocurrency?

souljacoin boy

Soulja Boy is at it again with a brand new money making plot! Haha, this guy is incredible, I remember seeing all these different things Soulja would do for a quick buck back in the day. From selling twitter retweets to hustling bogus china made products, Soulja is always innovating.

SouljaCoin is a plan Soulja Boy is pursuing for the year of 2021, following the Robinhood scandal. Robinhood reportedly sold peoples stock for lower prices without permission while the Reddit takeover was surging the app. A group of redditors took it to Robinhood and invest in companies despite their bad financial records.

Soulja (Drako) also posted on twitter about his latest goal. In the tweet he said, “Who can help me make SouljaCoin a real thing without getting into any legal trouble with SEC etc.. like real and legit I think this could be big Idk,” Big Draco wrote in a call-to-action on Twitter. “Contact me, thanks.”

As you can see, a couple of NFL superstars reached out to the rapper interested in the proposition. Ezekiel Elliott is a Dallas Cowboys star who played the position of runner back. Ofcourse, this is not the only thing that Soulja has planned for the year of 2021.

On Tuesday February 2nd, he goes to twitter again and asks his followers to help him find investors and workers that’ll be able to assist in making another game console. The last game console was a china made product that already existed, he simply endorsed it. A lot of the time rappers try to form business relationships with their massive outreach.

This can be a good idea for some business ventures but you will need to find someone who is willing to do all the work. It’s not always beneficial to have a celebrity represent your brand if it’s not the right crowd. Some big Bitcoin traders are already heckling at Souljas attempt to create cryptocurrency, but no one can deny his work ethic. I mean he is literally an icon that keeps reappearing in the scene.

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