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Stunna 4 Vegas just came out with a new album called “Welcome To 4 Vegas”. This album is full of hype energy and chaos as it towers on the charts. With 13 tracks, some are surely worthy enough for your car speakers. It seems like time is only going faster for the famed rapper.

The spotlight is now on Stunna 4 Vegas after his latest album “Rich Youngin” debuted at 29 on the Billboard 200 list.

He is now traveling doing solo interviews across multiple networks and getting personal with his new life as a signed artist under DaBaby’s record label “Billon Dollar Baby Ent”.

In DJ Small Eyez’s Interview, Stunna said that DaBaby called him a “Rich Youngin” well before the creation of the album. Angela Yee’s Lip Service also interviewed Stunna 4 Vegas and asked him about his relationships and why he is “choosy” with females.

In Shay’s Universe, he also talked about how signing to DaBaby “changed my life” and his entire mindset. In just a matter of days you can imagine how a $25,000 check can change your perspective on things.

Luckily for Vegas, DaBaby and other mentors give him advice on how to spend money appropriately and how to not fall victim to the lifestyle of fame.


Unfortunately, Stunna was involved in a altercation and was sued for beating up a man named Courtney Thompson inside a Fight Club Store in Manhattan, NY. This incident happened on the 22nd of July and a couple of weeks later 2 more Billon Dollar Baby members were also sued for leaving “permanent” scars on the man while stomping him. The case is still undergoing. Billon Dollar Baby Ent has still not commented on the altercation.


With influences such as T.I. and Gucci Mane, North Carolina Rapper Stunna 4 Vegas built his portfolio with mixtapes and singles and got the attention of his community in Salisbury, NC.

Born on New Year’s Day 1996, Khalick Caldwell started rapping during his final year in high school near Charlotte, NC. Starting with a different style of recording by bits and pieces, Stunna 4 Vegas found his sound. Afterwards he released independent music including 4 Way, No Way, and Stunna Season 2, Stunna 4 Vegas caught the attention of major record label “Interscope”. Interscope made a deal with the southern style rapper.

Stunna 4 Vegas has already worked with plenty of artists including major artists like Offset, DaBaby, Lil Durk, NLE Choppa, Young Nudy, Black Youngsta and more. He aspires to work with Future and 21 Savage which we have no doubt in mind that he will be able to work with these well-respected artists.

Reaching massive success from his single “Animal” featuring DaBaby, Stunna 4 Vegas continues to produce energetic-in-your-face music while giving a unique style to the hip-hop community.

DaBaby saw great potential in Stunna 4 Vegas and decided to take him under his wing and help him explode his music.


The future for Stunna 4 Vegas proves bright as he gives us snippets into his plan for 2020. DaBaby’s has a very specific plan with his artist for their upcoming projects. Vegas is confident it’ll be a much more successful year for him and his team.

It is rumored that Stunna 4 Vegas will be collabing with T.I. in the near coming months. Hip Hop has suffered some recent losses in the community like the death of Pop Smoke and Juice Wrld.

Violent Rap has influenced many young artists and continues to have a prominent control over the listeners of Hip Hop.

We hope that violence will not follow this young artist as he rises the ladder of collaborations and exposure. DaBaby is expected to have a much more successful year in 2020 than the previous years combined.

With DaBaby rising, so will his artists. What many do not know is that DaBaby is a strategic businessman that approaches the music industry like other titans like Jay Z and Lil Wayne. It is surprising how quickly DaBaby rose to the heights he is at right now, but don’t mistake it for one hit wonders.

Stunna 4 Vegas who is now at the age of 24, has a long road ahead of him and we are excited to see what’s in store!

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