Taina Williams & G Herbo

G Herbo posing with girlfriend Taina Williams

Taina Williams and G Herbo introduced a new baby girl. The two hosted a baby shower in December, where they first shared the news of a pregnancy. G Herbo expressed his love for Taina Williams in multiple interviews and is reportedly excited to raise their new family member. Though many celebrities keep their personal lives private, Taina Williams is no stranger to the spotlight. 

Taina Williams is the stepdaughter of the famous rapper Fabolous. G Herbo and his fiance have been together since 2019. Taina Williams posted an Instagram video showing her kissing the Chicago rapper on New Year’s Day. After some time, the couple had their first baby boy on Thursday, May 27th, 2021. 

Taina Williams and G Herbo rapper

G Herbo and Taina

G Herbo and Taina have been together for quite some time before making it public. On the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast, G Herbo explained his love for his woman was real. Shortly after, the two announced a pregnancy, and many fans were excited. Fast forward to 2022, G Herbo and Taina now have a baby girl. Their new daughter is Emmy Love Wright, born on Thursday, May 19th, 2022. The cute baby only weighed 7 lbs and 5 oz. 

Who Is Taina Williams?

Taine Williams is a well-known celebrity who is the daughter of Fabolous, the rapper. She is now the fiancee of Chicago artist G Herbo and shares two children. Taina Williams was born on April 1st, 1998, and grew up with her mother, a Love & Hip-hop star. After being featured on the popular show herself, she appeared on many social media outlets. 

Taina Williams and G Herbo at a baby shower wearing pink

How Old Is Taina?

Taina Williams is 24 years old in 2022 and was born on April 1st, 1998. Her mother, Emily Bustamante, rose to fame in the Hollywood industry. Tania Williams was young when she was growing up in California, and she goes on to explain how she supported her mother during tough times. 

G Herbo Girlfriend

Being G Herbo’s girlfriend was sometimes challenging, says Taina Williams, but she’s always loved him. The couple eventually tied the knot and are now engaged with two children in 2022. G Herbo and dated Taina Williams for years, and they still talk about the times in 2019. The two on social media share their love and lifestyle with fans. 

G Herbo Son

G Herbo and Tania Williams introduced their new son to the world in 2021. The baby boy’s name is Yoshon, and he’s already attracted some controversy toward the couple. Rumors surfaced online about taking custody of G Herbo’s son due to allegations made by Ari Fletcher. Regardless, many fans love and want to protect Yoshon. 


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