Takeoff Sued For Raping Girl at Party

Takeoff Sued For Raping Girl at Party

Takeoff, a member of rap icon group Migos was accused of raping a girl at a part that happened in June. A lawsuit has been filed under an anonymous name accusing of Takeoff of raping her at 2 am.

The rape took place in the bedroom of DJ Durel who is Migos official DJ and although it was not his home, Durel invited her to the event.

According to the woman, Takeoff offered her weed but she declined. She then went to the 2nd level of the home with DJ Durel and as they were walking upstairs they came across Takeoff who was walking downstairs.

Takeoff and Durel were then arguing and she proceeded to walk into the bedroom of Durel. But later on Takeoff entered the bedroom and began touching her butt. After she refuses the rapper then flipped her over and pulled down her clothing and raped her from behind.

The woman said that once Takeoff was finished, he left the room. Looks like Takeoff cock-blocked his DJ and did him bogus.

Anyways the woman went to the doctor later that day and the hospital staff did see evidence of forceful rape. The hospital notified the police.

Takeoff has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit, it is unknown what Offset is going to say about this. The woman’s attorney, Neama Rahmani told XXL that they hope more witnesses come forward to share their accounts of that party and what happened.

The woman is suing for sexual battery and assault, false imprisonment, gender violence, emotional distress and other charges.

Do you guys see this happening? What do you think?

2 thoughts on “Takeoff Sued For Raping Girl at Party

  1. yeah ighttti have a feelin this bitch jus money reaching. i find it hard to believe these type of stories cus ik real life fems who pull dat shit for clout

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