Taleban Dooda & 42 Dugg Collab on “Trappin’ Ain’t Dead”

talenban dooda trappin aint dead

Taleban Dooda is an upcoming Tampa artist whose singles are reaching millions. 42 Dugg recently sought him out for a project.

From Tampa Bay, Dooda has been flooding the hip hop scene with a new sound. Taleban prides himself and his city, especially after the city’s victory this football season. Meeting up with 42 Dugg proved to be an energetic time as showcased in the music video for the new track “Trappin’ Ain’t Dead”.

The hip hop track starts with a banger hook from Taleban Dooda which is similar to how he starts his other hot tracks. He then delivers a high energy verse that forces your head into movement. As if it the energy couldn’t go higher, 42 Dugg jumps in and transitions the song to another unique sound.

This song lines up to what young people are listening to now and it’s sure to reach the masses. Here’s some of my favorite lyrics,

Trappin’ ain’t dead, you lookin’ scamped out (You lookin’ scamped out)
Bitch, you ain’t ever seen a drum, bring them grams out (Bring them grams out)
My lil’ brother had that jam, we had to bang him out (We had to bang him out)
Wrecker was cleaner than a bitch, but he a felon now (He a felon now)

Talenban Dooda – Trappin’ Ain’t Dead (feat. 42 Dugg) Spotify

Talenban Dooda – Trappin’ Ain’t Dead feat. 42 Dugg (Official Music Video) – Youtube

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