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VladTV is a large media company that covers hip hop, rappers, and other areas in the music industry. Known for their YouTube podcast, host Vladimir Lyubovny interviews artists about their life and criminal activities. In recent months, the channel has received backlash from mainstream rappers about his questioning techniques. Some have said that VladTV works for the police and pushes for confessions. The podcast draws numbers across all New York City social media platforms. 

VladTV is estimated to be worth over $10 million, according to sources. Founded in 2008, Vladimir quit his disc jockey career to become a full-time journalist and interviewer. Though he’s had a few dangerous encounters, you can see plenty of funny videos and good content on his channel. Learn more information about VladTV in our article below. 

VladTV host answering questions

VladTV Host

VladTV’s host is Vladimir Lyubovny, a Russian born on June 28th, 1973. His background includes being a former DJ, journalist, and director. Vladimir is now mostly known for his VladTV interviews, where he asks questions to popular artists. Being the owner of his massive news site, Vlad continues to publish exciting stories on hot rappers. 

VladTV Net Worth

VladTV’s net worth is upwards of $10 million, according to online resources. You can watch his YouTube videos for more information and interviews with your favorite hip-hop artists. VladTV racks in views and continues to receive controversy despite the amount of money they generate. There are lots of avenues in which Vladimir earns revenue. Some sources say VladTv surpassed $25 million in combined revenue. You can see his lifestyle on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Learn more information about VladTV by reading the remainder of this article. 

VladTV posing for a picture

VladTV Interviews

VladTV has many interview videos on the official YouTube channel. Vladimir has exchanged with loads of talent from rock star celebrities to famous rappers. You can watch the show evolve by watching the interviews from 7 years ago to now. Some of our favorite celebrities who were featured on VladTV are Snoop Dogg, Cardi B, Orlando Brown, and Soulja Boy. Find more video interviews on the YouTube channel. 

VladTV Orlando Brown

One of the recent VladTV interviews that went viral is his talk with Orlando Brown. The Ex-Disney star had much to say about his career and current whereabouts on camera. Vlad continues the conversation and directs Orlando Brown to various topics. Check out the full video interview below. 

VladTV Twitter

VladTV consistently posts on Twitter about the latest hip hop news. Explore new music from artists that are handpicked by influencers. VladTV also features exclusive content that many fans enjoy. I like following his Twitter to get the inside scoop on new reporting and events in the rap industry. 

VladTV Face

VladTV’s host is Vladimir Lyubovny, whose face is all over the internet. He’s known as one of the more popular interviewers in the hip-hop industry. Find VladTV’s Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media apps to view content. 

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