YSL Gang

YSL Gang members including Young Thug and Gunna

Rapper Young Thug founded the famous YSL Record label in 2016. Standing for Young Stoner Life, the gang sometimes references themselves as Young Slime Life. Based in Atlanta, GA, the entertainment company includes artists like Gunna, Lil Duke, and Lil Keed. YSL gang has made numerous hits that have topped billboard charts in recent years. In 2022, the label members were hit with indictments that featured a 56-count RICO case. Many fans are worried about their favorite artists, and the future is not so clear leading up to the court date in January 2023.

YSL gang has been accused of criminal activity that ties in with Young Thug and Gunna. The two rappers had many events scheduled, and now venues have to cancel. Get to know the updates and more information on YSL’s gang cases in this article. 

YSL Gang member Gunna wearing fashion designer brands

YSL Gang Indictment

The YSL Gang received an indictment that spanned 88 pages. According to the documents, the Young Slime Life members of 182 instances of criminal activity. Primary suspects include Gunna and Young Thug, along with other members of the gang. The indictment included criminal conspiracies consistent with lyrics, social media posts, and accessories worn. 

YSL Gang Sign

YSL Gang Signs have been shown across all social media platforms. You can view videos of these famous hand movements on Tiktok, Instagram, and more. YSL Gang Signs can also be seen in music videos, partly because the members got in trouble. Young Thug and Gunna have welcomed their friends with special handshakes that the authority considers gang-related. The gang signs have spread throughout society, and now you see popular YouTubers like Adin Ross mimic the hands. Check out some of the YSL Gang Sign videos on TikTok. 

YSL Gang member Young Thug wearing red clothing

YSL Gang Arrested

The YSL Gang has been arrested on multiple counts of criminal activity. Sources online say that Young Thug and Gunna have been accused of racketeering. According to the indictment, YSL gang members received stolen property and were in possession of drugs. Other artists like Lil Wayne, Peewee Roscoe, and Birdman were also connected. Learn more information about how and why the YSL gang was arrested here. 

What Does YSL Stand For?

YSL has various meanings, but it initially stands for Yves Saint Laurent. The rapper Young Thug has also mentioned the abbreviation to stand for Young Stoner Life. In other music videos, you can see that YSL means Young Slime Life. 

YSL Gang Members

YSL is a popular rap group that makes music and sometimes gets into trouble. Young Thug created an environment upon request from his fans, but now the police are knocking on the down. Multiple rappers were arrested in YSL, and you can view the list below:

  • Kahlieff Adams
  • Martinez Arnold
  • Derontae Bebee
  • Damone Blalock
  • Javaris Bradford
  • Justin Cobb
  • Cordarius Dorsey
  • Miles Farley
  • Jevon Fleetwood
  • Damekion Garlington
  • Quantavious Grier
  • Wunnie Lee
  • Demis McMullen
  • Walter Murphy

YSL Gang Founder

No want knows who runs the criminal activity in the YSL gang. There are more than 20 members that are affiliated with the organization in some way. Sergio Kitchens is a prominent name mentioned in the indictments with the YSL gang. 

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