7 Powerful Creativity Tips for Producers

7 creativity tips for producers

Producers need to stay creative for extended hours to finish projects on time and to ensure quality. During a session of making beats, we may find ourselves struggling to come up with a new sound or new feeling. This can be problematic when you have a lot on your schedule. We will learn a few ways to increase your creativity as a producer below.


The use of randomizer plugins has been popular for finding unique melodies and patterns. The concept of randomizers is simple; randomly generate midi, find the parts you like, and then add to them until you are satisfied. You may randomize velocity, midi, and other controllable aspects in your mix.

Piano Roll Randomizer

FL Studio and many other DAWs have randomizers built into their plug-ins. Do a little bit of google searching to find exactly where to find them. In FL Studio, you may access the randomizer on the piano roll. Simply press ALT + R when the piano roll is open. This will randomize the notes on the piano roll and hopefully you will be able to find some inspiration.

Riffer Generator (VST)

Riffer Generator is a MIDI sequencer plugin that generates random MIDI Riffs and loops for your tracks. This VST is versatile as it allows you to choose different scales and offers many parameters to complex your patterns. With an easy drag and drop tool, Riffer is a top convenient choice for a randomizer plugin. The current price for Riffer is $50. There is an app available for iOS devices for only $7. Find more information here.

Switch Between Beats

Simple yet effective, switching up beats to work on is a top way to boost your creativity. But there is a certain way to go about switching beats that’ll unleash your true creativity. The key is to switch to beats that have different tempo, drums, and any other sounds that is different from your previous track.

10-15 minutes is the ideal amount of time you should dedicate to each different track. This is because the quick sessions force your brain and ear to adapt to new audio environments. Again, this will only be effective if you are working with different sounding tracks.

Change The Routine

Another simple tactic to boost your creativity is to change your producing routine! Try starting off the project with a solid drum beat or start by making the melodies. You will notice that a new order of your process brings new thought into play.

If you have time try switching up the time of day you produce. If you are used to producing in the morning try a night session or vice versa. If you are a person who makes tracks all day then you may benefit from switching pre-routines. Try meditating before you produce or exercise to get different chemistry levels in your body. You will be surprised of the results!

Learn New Skills

With the time that you do have, try spending a quarter of it learning new methods. A lot of producers do not continue to learn different techniques due to comfortability. Looking up tutorials will expand your knowledge and more creative ideas on how to utilize this new knowledge. Let’s face it, we can always learn something new.

Collaborating With Other Producers

Some producers are reluctant on collaborating with other producers but it is actually a great way to build skills. Even if you feel like you are more experienced, you can work around each other and bounce off ideas. Most production schools enforce collaborations among students. Networking like this will increase your exposure as well.

Download New Plugins & Samples

One of the easiest ways to inspire new creative ideas is to download plugins, sounds, and samples. There’s always something new coming out and the internet really has an endless supply. Some great websites for hip hop samples are LooperMan and DripChord.

For new plugins try visiting KVR Audio or Shuttle Plugs. They have a large selection of plugins and effects that will transform your sound. KVR alone has thousands of plugins.

Finding new stock sounds is a fun way to experiment with your tracks. The most popular stock sound website is Freesound. Freesound has loads of stock sounds from bird chirps to thunder claps, you will definitely find some new material here.

Learn A New Instrument

Learning a new instrument doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. There are so many resources out there that can quickly accelerate your knowledge to perform the skills you are looking for. Learning piano, percussion and drums is so essential but many producers do not pursue the advanced techniques of these instruments. It should be known that the small tweaks is what advances your skill from a good producer to a great producer.


There’s been a solid theme in this article that I’d like to point out and that is the word “new”. We keep finding ourselves saying this word because at the beginning of creativity is a fresh new start. A vision for new ideas and inspiration overpowers any old ways of thinking. This allows yourself to be receiving and open. If there is a technique you use to boost creativity let us know in the comments below!   

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