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As new artists look for ways to increase their exposure, many will find themselves learning about Spotify playlist placements. In Spotify, users spend half of their time listening to playlists. This includes playlists that are algorithmically generated, playlists that users make themselves, and playlists created by tastemakers.

Getting Spotify playlist placements can be an easy task so long you have quality music. Before we learn how to submit our music to Spotify editors, we need to explain why playlists are so successful for upcoming artists.

This has to do with the classic example of playlist theory. Simply play the new song in between two popular hits. In ‘The Power of Habit’, Duhigg talks about how radio stations like WIQQ would play new songs. The DJs will strategically place the new song in between two current popular songs so that listeners can get familiar with the new song. Eventually listeners will expect this new song and once a listening habit is formed, the listener will now more likely enjoy the new sound thus becoming a fan.

OutKast’s single “Hey Ya!” was a prime example of this phenomenon. After being introduced in between popular tracks, this single became familiar to listeners and eventually exploded in popularity. “Hey Ya!” went on to win a Grammy while selling more than 5 million albums. That’s a lot of money.

Different Spotify Playlists

It’s important to know that Spotify aggressively tests out your song using various methods and so it is essential to have a quality song at hand. If your song proves to be good, then it will be featured onto bigger playlists. By the time a song lands on Today’s Top Hits, there a high chance that the song will remain on large playlists.

Release Radar

Release radar is a playlist formed by algorithms that tailor to the listeners’ taste based on the artists that they follow. To be featured here is quite simple, have people follow you and you will appear on their rap radar.

Discover Weekly

Discover weekly is another playlist formed by algorithms. Except this caters to the listener’s taste based on artists they DO NOT follow. This introduces new listeners to your music.

Editor’s Pick

Editors Pick is a powerful playlist in which you can send your song to the Spotify team for a real evaluation. You may only send unreleased songs so it would be a good idea to send your song 4-6 weeks before you plan on releasing it. This will give the Spotify team more time to fully evaluate your song.

Curated Playlists

Curated playlists are playlists that are made by tastemakers. These are highly influential people that have curated playlists for listeners to enjoy. These individuals are more approachable and can really help your streams.

How to Submit your Song to Spotify’s editorial team

Remember, you may only submit unreleased songs to the Editorial team. You also need to sign up for Spotify For Artists on a Desktop.

  1. Click Claim Your Profile at the top-right of this page to get started. Once we confirm who you are and give you access, you’re in charge.
  2. Log in to Spotify for Artists on desktop.
    Tip: Don’t have access to Spotify for Artists? Check out How do I claim my artist profile before my first release?.
  3. Use either of these ways to find and pitch unreleased music:
  • At the top of the Home tab, select PITCH A SONG.
  • In the Music tab, under UPCOMING, select PITCH A SONG next to the relevant release.

What Spotify looks for in an artist

There are a lot of factors that Spotify looks for when they are choosing an artist to place in multiple playlists. Here are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting featured on these exclusive playlists.

Increase engagement on other social media platforms

Spotify editorial teams look at your other social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to confirm your fanbase and they consider your previous streaming numbers and engagements to see what kind of artist you are.

Create your own playlists

A great way to show your musical taste is to create your own playlist. This will tell Spotify that you are invested into creating content on their platform. This will also draw in more attention from your fans as they will feel aligned with your tastes. You may even include some of your own tracks if it fits the mood!

Submit your music as early as possible

Giving the Spotify team plenty of time to check your song before it releases is a great way to secure your spot on a playlist. You may only submit one song at a time, and you are not able to submit any released songs. You will be notified by email if your song gets chosen!

Be consistent for 3 months

You should always be consistent in posting content on all of your platforms. Spotify’s team checks how often you post on your social media accounts and examines how consistent you are as an artist. A general rule of thumb is to have consistent posts on your social media for at least 3 months before submitting a track.

Test out your music to groups

There are plenty of groups online that would love to give feedback on your music. Since you can only submit one track to the Spotify team at a time, it would be smart to test out different tracks to online groups. This will provide you feedback that will be used to determine which track will most likely be chosen for placement.


Getting on Spotify is a blessing especially if they start featuring you on playlists. If you do well on these Spotify playlists, you have a good chance to climb the ladder. It is important to give Spotify enough time to review your project. It is also a smart idea to boost all social media engagements for the particular project. Listen and follow the steps above to increase your chances for Spotify placements.

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