How To Find The Key Of A Sample In FL Studio

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Learning to find the key of a sample in FL studio is a must in producing. If your sample does not match the key of a song, listeners will find the sound displeasing. Luckily, we’ve created an easy-to-learn tutorial on how to find the key of samples in FL Studio. Part of this method requires you to figure out the pitch of the sample you’re working with. 

After successfully matching up your sample keys, you can create music that’ll become a fan favorite. We recommend FL Studio beginners learn more information on our tutorials page. You’ll also learn about Edison, a powerful tool in this DAW. Follow the steps below to find the key to any sample:

1. Import Sample Into DAW

First, open FL Studio and import your sample into the DAW’s browser. Afterward, drag and drop the sample into the playlist window. The other method is simply dragging and dropping the audio straight from your file explorer. 

2. Open Sample In Edison

You may now open your sample in FL Studio’s native plugin Edison. This powerful tool is helpful for audio editing and recording. To do this, click at the top left corner of your sample and select ‘Edit Sample .’There are a few other options for your sample that include pitch-correcting, detecting tempo, and more. Learn more about these effects on our tutorials page. 

FL Studio Edison editor

3. Detech Pitch Regions

Now that your sample is inside FL Studio’s Edison, you can right-click anywhere on the waveform and view the options. One of the items from the drop-down menu will say ‘Regions‘; hover your mouse over it, and you’ll see another menu pop to the side. From this menu, click on ‘Detect pitch regions.’ The detection section is convenient when you must auto-slice your sample or zero-cross. You can find more information about these tools on FL Studio’s help website. 

FL Studio Edison detect pitch regions tutorial

4. Identify The Key In Waveform

Lastly, search for the marker at the beginning of the sample’s waveform. You should see a label in a letter/number format from there. This label is the key to the sample. Congratulations, you’ve figured out how to find the key of any sample in FL Studio! Again, this technique is essential when creating music with different elements. Many beginners might skip this technique and spin around in circles after hearing the off sound of their track.  

FL Studio Tutorials

If you’re new to FL Studio, you’ll find the tutorials page informative. Learn how to do basic effects and tricks that’ll make your music sound great. Take time to see all the information you need to improve your skillset. Now that you’ve learned how to find the key to samples, you may apply that knowledge when making music. An easy tip is to ensure your song and samples are on the same key to avoid distasteful sounds. 

How To Make Sure Your 808s Are In Key

At Support Hip Hop, we’ve created a helpful guide on finding the key to your 808s. Check out our website’s tutorial to learn more, but you will also need to use the Edison tool. Find the key by using the detect pitch region option. You may also find the key in 808s by utilizing the frequency equalizer inside the Edison tool.

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