Ways To Make Your Music More Interesting

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This guide teaches you everything you need to know about making music sound more enjoyable. As a producer, we listen to thousands of sounds and patterns. After some time, some tracks may start sounding the same, and that’ll cause issues. To avoid this, we’ve curated a list of things you can do to make your music more interesting. 

In this article, you’ll learn more about randomizer plugins, automation, unique audio effects, and more. Find the differences between orchestration and flows that’ll empower your sound. Support Hip Hop features a tutorial page that also gives tips on all things producing. Whether you’re a hip-hop beatmaker or a country artist, this article will help you dive deeper into ways to make your sounds unique and more. 

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Use A Randomizer Plugin

Famous producers use randomizers to spark new ideas in the studio. The functionality of these plugins consists of mixing sounds and patterns inside your MIDI. Once you’ve allowed the randomizer to do its thing, you may get messy results, but this is where the producer cleans it up. Below is a list of our recommended randomizer plugins:

  • Audiomodern Riffer
  • Glitchmachines Cataract 2.0
  • Algonaut Atlas 2
  • AudioCipher V2
  • Phrasebox
  • Chordjam

Automate Your Sounds

Automation is key to any modern song that’s destined for the charts. There are tools inside every DAW that allows you to automate your sounds. For beginners, I recommend automating something that’ll be easily noticed; this will get you used to the effect. Create dramatic sweeps on a filter by editing the automation. You can also automate the wet/dry mix for modulation effects. There are many parameters to consider, but be careful about your usage to avoid over-automation. 

Add Audio Effects

You can always extend your VSTs library by adding more effects from outside sources. It’s also worth noting that many of the tools we use inside the DAW have extra parameters we need to engage with. That said, it would be wise to learn more about your plugins. You’ll be surprised to see how much one knob can change the overall sound of your music. 

live mixer with sliders and knobs

Change Loops & Patterns

Loops and patterns can become redundant if you’re dealing with similar soundtracks. A way to make your music more interesting is to introduce some dynamic range within your loops. Try incorporating unique patterns during a particular moment to bring out a new twist. Feel free to use the randomizer plugin we mentioned above to shuffle your MIDI!   

Introduce Orchestration 

Most of the songs that reside in the top music charts have some orchestration. Being a self-taught producer can discourage you from learning traditional music theory. These instruments may seem intimidating at first, but they are essential. Orchestration takes all these sounds and creates amazing-sounding pieces if done correctly. 

Switch Up Flows

Switching up flows can be interpreted in many ways and still be applicable. First, you can switch up your composing/producing routine. This will spark new thought processes that could lead to further details that’ll make your music more interesting. 

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