Rap Songs With AABB Rhyme Scheme

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The AABB rhyme scheme is a classic rhyming pattern that is used in both music and poetry. It is a simple pattern that is easy to follow and can be used to create a variety of different effects. In music, the AABB rhyme scheme is often used in hip-hop and rap songs. It is a popular choice for these genres because it creates a sense of rhythm and flow.

The AABB rhyme scheme is a fundamental tool in poetry that can enhance the coherence of a poem. By using a consistent rhyme pattern, such as AABB, writers can create a sense of rhythm and structure that resonates with the audience, making the poem more memorable and engaging. Additionally, the AABB scheme can be used to tie together different parts of the poem, giving it a sense of unity. This can be particularly effective when reinforcing the poem’s central theme.

AABB Rhyme Scheme Meaning

The AABB rhyme scheme consists of rhyming couplets. Each line rhymes with the next and gives way to another pair of lines that rhyme with each other. This structure was used by the popular poet Anne Bradstreet. Today, AABB rhyme schemes are used by a wide range of genres, including hip hop.  

Ice Spice – Deli

One of the most recent examples of the AABB rhyme scheme is in Ice Spice’s hit single “Deli.” The hip hop track was released on July 21st, 2023, and has now reached 42 million views. The music video went viral on YouTube, and it proves that this rhyme scheme is still widely used today. Below is a specific set of lyrics from “Deli” by Ice Spice.

If you ain’t cookin’ then get off the pot

My name Ice but I always stay hot

Passenger princess, he pass me his knock (grrah, grrah)

Baddest lil’ bitch from my block

Ice Spice wearing black and white and a chain

Lil Uzi Vert – Flooded The Face

Lil Uzi Vert also dropped high-energy tracks this year that incorporate AABB rhyme schemes. His song “Flooded The Face” from the Pink Tape album features a verse that begins with this structure. The hip hop community continues to follow Lil Uzi Vert’s flow that showcases this rhyme scheme well. Below is the specific set of lyrics from “Flooded The Face.”

First of all, I fuck eight bitches a day (yeah)

How could you ever say Lil’ Uzi gay? (How?)

Fuck four of ’em raw, fuck four of ’em safe

Think I’m splittin’ the odds before you to debate

Lil Uzi Vert Flooded The Face Pink Banner

Gunna – rodeo dr

Chicago legend Gunna recently released a song called “rodeo dr” that uses AABB rhyme scheme. The rapper is known for his smooth flow and lavish lifestyle. Lots of the artists mentioned in this article have unique styles, which shows that the rhyme scheme is versatile. Check out the specific AABB format in the lyrics featured in “rodeo dr”.

Got the T-rex automatic

No, I ain’t signed to Atlantic (nah)

Bulletproof truck and it’s matted (yeah)

Ain’t takin’ shit else for granted (nah)

AABB vs. ABAB Rhyme Schemes

We’ve published a popular page about the differences between various rhyme schemes, including AABB and ABAB. It’s important to note when the structures are used and how they sound. It appears that AABB is used almost as a transition to other areas of the song. ABAB, on the other hand, tends to focus more on storytelling. 

Other AABB Rhyme Scheme Examples

This article focused more on hip hop songs that use the AABB format in one way or another. This rhyme scheme is not limited to just this genre, and it’s also used in country, live poetry, and more. Other notable artists that are known to use AABB structure in their menu are listed below.

  • Don Toliver – Private Landing
  • Kimberly Perry – Burn The House Down
  • Morgan Wafe – Psychopath
  • Lola Brooke – Just Relax

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