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Lil Candy Paint has been releasing new music lately and everyone is vibin to it. This rapper is from Chicago and was born Kevin Jenkins on March in 1999. The talented artist releases new albums during key moments in his life. His rap name “Lil Candy Paint” came about by mixing his two favorite things; Cars and candy. While Kevin was attending New Manchester high school, he found his dream of rapping.

Like many other rappers, Lil Candy Paint dropped out of high school to pursue his hip hop career. It looks like the rapper is doing well for himself after releasing popular singles, sometimes featuring well known artists. Similar artists and Paint’s inspirations include Chief Keef, LUCKI, and more.

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Lil Candy Paint – 22 (Feat. Bhad Bhabie)

Lil Candy Paint and Bhad Bhabie recently made a track together called “22”. This new hip hop single takes a new sound with the two young artists, easily becoming a catchy track. “22” has already amassed 2 millions listens on Spotify alone, reaching new records for the artist. You can check out Lil Candy Paint’s “22” below.

Lil Candy Paint – Like You

Lil Candy Paint continues to release quick singles that’ll make you replay on and on! Kevin’s latest “Like You” single has become an instant hit with his fans. Talking about the new level of style, money, and living, this track will soon become your favorite. Check out the hip hop single below.

Lil Candy Paint – Like You | YouTube Music Video

Lil Candy Paint – Selfish Wit It

Lil Candy Paint depicts a unique image with his latest single “Selfish Wit It”. This hip hop track is talking about troubles with girlfriends. Learn more about what Lil Candy Paint says in his newest track “Selfish Wit It” below.

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