ZillaKami – Not Worth It (Official Music Video)

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ZillaKami released a new hip hop music video of his track “Not Worth It”. This rap song came out of ZillaKami’s debut album DOGBOY as the 4th track. This upcoming artist is bringing a grungy sound mixed with punk rock like other new artists. DOGBOY release date was September 3, 2021.

The hip hop song showcases the strength of the new generation of punk rock rap hybrid rappers. Sounds of electric guitars and distorted drums will capture many fans by surprise. Though, ZillaKami continues to hold a strong hip hop following as he soon reached the attention of many well known artists.

ZillaKami – Not Worth It YouTube Music Video

Watch the new ZillaKami “Not Worth It” music video on YouTube. Hip hop fans are impressed by this upcoming rapper’s debut album titled DOGBOY. The project was produced by Yung Germ and the video was directed by JMP. View the new rap music video below.

Listen to ZillaKami – Not Worth It On Spotify

You may now listen to ZillaKami’s debut album “DOGBOY” on Spotify streaming platform. Listen to ZillaKami “Not Worth It” on Spotify now using our music player below. Let us know what you think about this new hip hop album!

ZillaKami – Not Worth It Lyrics

You may read the lyrics for ZillaKami’s “Not Worth It” below. This hip hop project proved to be a successful debut album as ZillaKami brought new sounds and flows to the game.

ZillaKami Not Worth It cover art

[Verse 1]
Who the fuck needs you? Nobody, that’s who
I can’t be the center of attention ’cause I’m not that cool
You’ll realize that soon
But I have to focus on acting like I’m the wolf in the room
And that’s why I stay home
Only time I can be myself, not play along
Only time I can visualize my halo
Life’s on and on and on, oh, oh

(Na-na, na-na-na)
Everybody loves me, but I don’t deserve it
(Na-na, na-na-na)
Because I don’t even know, I don’t even know my purpose
(Na-na, na-na-na)
You’ll soon realize in your heart that it wasn’t worth it
(Na-na, na-na-na)
Just like everybody does, everybody does

[Verse 2]
Who the fuck needs me?
Wanna kill yourself and feeling down, well, don’t look at me for help
‘Cause I can’t even help myself
Fighting off the demons in my head
And so I gotta get up now, and feel incomplete
So I just lay down and I go to sleep
Dream about what life just could have been
If I would have had trust in myself, that’s all as all

(Na-na, na-na-na)
Everybody loves me, but I don’t deserve it
(Na-na, na-na-na)
Because I don’t even do, I don’t do shit on purpose
(Na-na, na-na-na)
You’ll soon realize in your heart that I was just worthless
(Na-na, na-na-na)
Just like everybody does, everybody does

Na-na, na-na-na
Na-na, na-na-na
Na-na, na-na-na

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2 thoughts on “ZillaKami – Not Worth It (Official Music Video)

  1. Yo I’ve seen Zilla live last summer at Woo Hah x Rolling Loud and that shit was the best live rap metal stuff I’ve heard compared to artists like Scarlxrd & Ho99o9 City Morgue really stands out. So excited about this new release

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