Rap Songs With ABAB Rhyme Scheme

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Rap songs with ABAB rhyme schemes are typical in today’s music. Learn about this poetry style and incorporate it into your hip-hop songs. In this article, we curated a guide to help you see rhyme scheme examples through real artists. Read the lyrics and see similar patterns across all genres. Knowing the ABAB rhyme scheme is essential for beginners. 

Accomplish the ABAB rhyme scheme by rhyming the first and third lines together. You must also rhyme the second and fourth lines together while sounding similar. View our poetry examples to learn more about our specified rap songs that use ABAB rhyme schemes. 

ABAB Rhyme Scheme Meaning

An ABAB rhyme scheme is a rhythmic pattern where the first and third lines and the second and fourth lines rhyme. Many rappers display meanings using these techniques. Look at our rhyme scheme examples and see the differences between each artist. You can find more definitions of ABAB rhyme schemes in our detailed article

Kodak Black – ZEZE

A great example of the ABAB rhyme style is Kodak Black’s song “ZEZE.” The popular hip-hop single was produced by Chicago native D.A. and got that dope. Many fans first heard this in a viral video where Kodak was dancing in the studio. You can watch the official music video released on November 23, 2018, here. View our ABAB rhyme scheme example from “ZEZE” by Kodak Black. 

Ice water, turned Atlantic (Freeze)

Nightcrawlin’ in the Phantom (Skrrt, skrrt)

Told them hoes that don’t you panic

Took an island, (Yeah) flood the mansion (Big water)

Kodak Black ZEZE cover

Drake – Pain 1993

Did you know that Drake’s famous song “Pain 1993” uses the ABAB rhyme scheme? Accompanied by Playboi Carti, this track has become a staple in the hip-hop community. Drake continues to make legendary production while topping Billboard charts. The Canadian artist is a prime example of rhythmic flows and poetic styles. Check out the rhyme scheme noted in the song below. 

I put some ice on her hand

I let her take an advance

Shit wasn’t goin’ as planned

I put that shit in the van

Drake Pain 1993 song

Rae Sremmurd – Black Beatles

Rae Sremmurd released “Black Beatles” in 2016 and has since received 900 million views on YouTube. This hip hop artist is known for his party song style and has collaborated with the industry’s finest rappers. Black Beatles features rap legend Gucci Mane, and you can find the ABAB rhyme scheme in the song below. 

That girl is a real crowd pleaser

Small world, all her friends know me

Young bull livin’ like an old geezer

Release the cash, watch it fall slowly

Rae Sremmurd Black Beatles music video

Cardi B – Money

Cardi B is considered the queen of today’s hip-hop scene. The female rapper dropped her single “Money” on all platforms in 2018. This song was awarded the MTV Video Music Award. You can see the example of the ABAB rhyme scheme within this popular track. 

I was born to flex (yes)

Diamonds on my neck

I like boardin’ jets, I like mornin’ sex (woo!)

But nothing in this world that I like more than checks (money)

Kanye West – Moon

Of course, we must mention Chicago native Kanye West and his relevance with the ABAB rhyme scheme. This iconic rapper is known for various styles and flows, but he uses this technique in his song “Moon.” Check out where you can find the ABAB rhyme scheme in Kanye’s track by reading these lyrics. 

Hmm, hmm, here we go strappin’, we up

Never forget all the memories

Sittin’, I sip out my cup

Thinkin’ I should be a better me

Playboi Carti – Shoota

Playboi Carti is an iconic rapper known for his energy and style. While many may not realize it, he sometimes uses an ABAB rhyme scheme too! Shoota is a famous hip-hop track from the album “Die Lit” released on all streaming platforms in 2018. Talking about money, fashion, friends, and more, Playboi Carti knows how to bring energy. You can see the official music video for “Shoota” on YouTube below. Also, check out the ABAB rhyme example in the rapper’s lyrics. 

Everybody rock with me because I’m up now

Took your girl and I’ma score like I made the touchdown

Swervin’ in that Lambo’, doors go up, not on a bus now

Used to want a G-Shock, now I’m walking with a bustdown

What Is The Best Rhyme Scheme For Rap?

Rap has many different rhyme schemes that are used in today’s music. To find the best style for you, try learning from our rhyme scheme guide to see which fits you. It’s a good idea to use combinations of techniques to excel in performance. After practicing your rhyme schemes, please message us on social media so we can see for ourselves! At Support Hip Hop, we give free shoutouts on our Instagram; sign up here. 

Other ABAB Rhyme Scheme Examples

View our curated list if you’re interested in finding more ABAB rhyme scheme examples. For this, we will turn to famous poets and their written work. This will give you an idea of how the ABAB rhyme scheme originated and evolved. You can also learn other rhyme schemes in our rap guide

  • Hunter Wortham – My Sweet Savior
  • Ciara – Just One Thing I Should Have Said
  • Jason Swindle – Forgiveness
  • Heather McArthur – Carnival
  • Megan Bokowski – The Drifter’s Melody
  • Crystal Adame – The One
  • Edna Vincent Millay – Dirge Without Music
  • Abbie Farewell Brown – Friends

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