How to Produce Drums in Hip Hop

Drums is one of those vital sounds in hip hop. Everyone is waiting for that thump in a song to catch the whole groove. Mastering your drums can do your song wonders if done correctly. In this tutorial we will be going over how to produce drums for hip hop production. These are just aContinue reading “How to Produce Drums in Hip Hop”

Increase Track Loudness

There are several ways to increase the loudness in your mix. Increasing perceived loudness is not something many practice but it can surely provide a punch to your mix. With more recent times, loudness is a goal for most producers. Having the loudest track attracts many listeners as they blast your music. While there areContinue reading “Increase Track Loudness”

Soft Clipping vs Hard Clipping

Mostly used in Distortion Plugins, hard clipping and soft clipping produce different sound effects. Knowing these two can further your sound and precision! Clipping Clipping occurs when the signal is too strong for the device to handle it. This signal can come from an instrument or a device like an iPhone. When signal is tooContinue reading “Soft Clipping vs Hard Clipping”

Vocal Processing | Natural Vocals Tip

Vocal processing includes loads of automation which can lead your vocals away from their natural sound. Natural vocals can not be achieved through the use of any plugins or automation due to its high complexity. Of course, if we don’t have perfect sounding vocals, we have no choice but to add some compression. Compression helpsContinue reading “Vocal Processing | Natural Vocals Tip”

Producer Tutorial | How To EQ For Beginners

Learning how to EQ and mix your track will greatly improve your project. EQ stands for equalization, a process that allows producers to shape each audio track to their liking. Since there is limited space in the frequency spectrum, each sound has to fit nicely without clashing. This is accomplished by cutting and boosting frequenciesContinue reading “Producer Tutorial | How To EQ For Beginners”

Layer Your Bass | Audio Layering

Why should you layer your Bass? Sound Layering is one of the most important techniques to master when developing a new sound. Bass Layering adds loads of harmonics and great texture. Although this will add fullness to the sound, you need to select the sound selections carefully. The goal with sound layering is to harmonizeContinue reading “Layer Your Bass | Audio Layering”

Producer Growth Strategy | Music Marketing Plan

Producers need to invest in a growth strategy to grow their audience. Coming up with a marketing strategy is necessary for increasing exposure for your beats. Having a great strategy will get your beats and projects in front of thousands and sometimes millions if done correctly. Now, there are plenty of ways to go aboutContinue reading “Producer Growth Strategy | Music Marketing Plan”

Mixing Rap Vocals

Bad or poorly recorded vocals can kill your track faster than anybody saying “goofy”. Having a good vocal mix is essential to differentiate yourself from amateur songs. At Support Hip Hop’s Instagram, we constantly hear vocal mixing issues when reacting to user’s music. This may be the top issue we notice from all new rappers’Continue reading “Mixing Rap Vocals”

7 Powerful Creativity Tips for Producers

Producers need to stay creative for extended hours to finish projects on time and to ensure quality. During a session of making beats, we may find ourselves struggling to come up with a new sound or new feeling. This can be problematic when you have a lot on your schedule. We will learn a fewContinue reading “7 Powerful Creativity Tips for Producers”