7 Beginner Tips On How To Freestyle Rap

In 2021, many rappers have shown talent in freestyling. Here are beginner tips on how to freestyle rap in a way to impress! Though most freestyle rappers work endlessly to master their reaction time, others have many rhymes planned out ahead of time. Freestyle rap can be subjective sometimes but all in all if itContinue reading “7 Beginner Tips On How To Freestyle Rap”

ABAB vs AABB Rhyme Scheme (Examples Included)

What is a rhyme scheme? What’s the difference between ABAB vs AABB poetry styles? These questions are often asked by poets, hip hop artists, and other musicians that participate in songwriting. Many artists come to find that finding the perfect lyrics that sound well together will create greater buzz. To achieve this style of flow,Continue reading “ABAB vs AABB Rhyme Scheme (Examples Included)”

How To Freestyle Rap The Right Way

So you’re looking to build your freestyle skills huh? Well this ‘How to freestyle rap’ tutorial will go over plenty of ideas and practices that you can start using today! In this article we will go over how to effectively rhyme on the spot when freestyling in front of others. Better Your Rhymes With ToolsContinue reading “How To Freestyle Rap The Right Way”

How to Rap: Drop Singles or an Album?

To accomplish an effective rap presence you must decide if it’s best to drop an album or singles. While it may seem clear to you at first, there are many reasons why I recommend starting off with singles rather an album. This article is aimed for artists who recently started publishing music on streaming platforms.Continue reading “How to Rap: Drop Singles or an Album?”

How to Start Rapping in 2021

Here’s a modern guide to start rapping in 2021. As rap changes through time, some techniques die out and are not used by majority of famous artists. With this constantly evolution of rap, you start to notice some things that stick through. It’s my pleasure to share my observations to you so you can haveContinue reading “How to Start Rapping in 2021”

Top 3 Mistakes Rappers Make

When it comes to learning how to rap, rappers often make these 3 mistakes. It’s easy to ramble onto a long freestyle that doesn’t make much sense yet it sounds pretty fire. But to really make your song a masterpiece, you must take into consideration all the small details in the rap. Before we talkContinue reading “Top 3 Mistakes Rappers Make”

Cheap Music Video Ideas for Rappers

For new rappers, music videos are one of the more expensive things to compliment their music. Music videos can do amazing things for you as an artist. This is why it is important to be creative so your video is memorable. Most rappers think that music videos need to feature expensive items like cars, homes,Continue reading “Cheap Music Video Ideas for Rappers”

How to Establish Rhythm in a Rap

While rhythm comes natural to some, it might not be so easy for others. Establishing rhythm is crucial when you are freestyling or rapping. Although Blueface and other rappers are known for rapping out of beat, he still has a rhythm to his sound. This is why rhythm is so important, in this article weContinue reading “How to Establish Rhythm in a Rap”

8 Writing Tips For Rap Songs

To write a rap song, there are a couple of things you have to keep in mind. First, writing rap songs is more like poetry. There is rhythm, rhymes, flows and meaning. What makes a rap song dope? The execution of key elements within each popular rap song. Writing may not come easy to you,Continue reading “8 Writing Tips For Rap Songs”

How To Study Popular Rap Songs

Popular rap songs today have similar patterns and flows that make them stand out to the crowd, thus attracting many new listeners. To understand what’s going on, we have to dive into each and every trending song and examine the similarities. We’re not going to list any songs here but we want you to thinkContinue reading “How To Study Popular Rap Songs”