Cheap Music Video Ideas for Rappers

For new rappers, music videos are one of the more expensive things to compliment their music. Music videos can do amazing things for you as an artist. This is why it is important to be creative so your video is memorable. Most rappers think that music videos need to feature expensive items like cars, homes, money etc. You can still create a powerful music video without spending money on these kinds of items.

Here are 5 ways to create a hip hop music video without a big budget. These ideas are meant to spark cheap concepts to your music video. Famous rappers have used these ideas before and some of these are quite popular among rising artists. Work with your videographer to see which of these options is best for you.

1. Studio / Warehouse Shoot

A very popular concept for hip hop music videos are these studio & warehouse shoots. The reason why we see lots of these music videos is because the set is so versatile. You basically create your own shots which can save money on traveling, scenes etc. With one large backdrop in a warehouse or studio, you can switch out structures and props conveniently. On top of that you may also have the opportunity to create green screen effects. There are so many shots a videographer can take when you are using a large warehouse/studio. From simple solid color background shots to complicated green screen effects, a rapper can really get a lot of different shots done with this kind of shoots.

2. One Long Take

Popularized by lyrical artists like Kendrick Lamar, long take shots are a beautiful way to capture a story in your music video. Rappers with heavy lyrical content take this route with music videos because it gives the audience a chance to step into the characters shoes. For example, if the story is talking about the struggle, you can have the videographer follow you the whole time while you are doing tasks like popping the hood of a broken car, walking in a grocery store etc. These daily tasks don’t require much money at all and it can still deliver a powerful message to the viewers. Show your fans your personal side by showing them your morning routine. These long shots for hip hop music videos really tell stories if done correctly. Well known long shot music videos have the videographer be in front of the artist as the artist is walking towards the camera.

3.VHS Style / Homemade Look

Want your fans to experience an old school vibe? Take them to a trip down memory lane by incorporating the VHS look. VHS / Homemade looks are still very popular for artists and rappers. Buying a camera like this can be rather cheap and this ‘cheap’ look can be very intentional when it comes to your music video. If you song is a bit old school, this is a perfect style of music video for you. Sometimes showing your fans the old times will help them get to you which in turn builds loyalty. I remember Mac Miller and Swae Lee would do these kind of looks with their music videos and it brings a whole new vibe. Again, this VHS look draws away from content but draws in perspective.

4. Lots of Effects & Camera Tricks

Listen, what if you don’t have a videographer and your friend owns a terrible camera? No problem, you can still get away with a great music video by intentionally making it over the top with effects. As long as the video flows you can add a multitude of effects to really distort the image without going off timing. Adding distortion effects will take away from your camera’s bad quality but you need to make sure it is still interesting and appealing. Getting creative with the effects is not the only thing you must do to pull this music video off. You must also get creative with how you record and the tricks you can do with your camera. Maybe tape your camera on your fan for a quick shot, add a string for another shot, put weird filters like a Pringles lid. Silly things like this will add creativity to your music video and will make it stand out from others!


Making a music video is no easy task and can get very expensive at times. But the purpose of this article was to draw light on affordable music video ideas. You do not need to spend a fortune to create a memorable music video and sometimes these kinds of videos can become viral. Creativity is more important for rising artists because just about anyone can spend lots of money for a nice car for the shoot etc. But this won’t make your music video more memorable than some really creativity funky shots that makes the viewers wonder. What kind of ideas do you guys see for music videos that does not require a lot of cash?

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