J Witt Drops “EVERYBODY” Music Video

Take some time today and watch J Witt’s new music video “EVERYBODY” on YouTube. Initially from Gainesville, the rapper talks about living in his town. This J Witt single will relate to anybody missing a certain person in their life. EVERYBODY music video showcases lots of grey tones and camera shots in the outdoors. Georgia rapper J Witt creates sounds and patterns that spew rock energy as well as hip hop.

J Witt new music video “EVERYBODY” is available on more platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, & more. The artist focuses on many aspects in music and consistently posts on social media platforms. Alternative hip hop fans will find J Witt’s music awesome and we recommend listening to it while driving. One of our favorite quotes from the Georgia native is, “I make music for me. It’s a place I can go to talk about things that I don’t feel comfortable talking about with other people.”


Listen to J Witt – EVERYBODY music video on YouTube now! The production of the song was made by Jake Adkins and the track was mixed and mastered by TaylorMadeBeatz. Originally from Georgia, rapper J Witt created this 3 minute 48 second song after thinking about many subjects. From dismal to missing loved ones, you can hear multiple perspectives that worth’s learning.

Below is the official music video for J Witt – EVERYBODY.

If you have Spotify, you can listen to J Witt’s single “EVERYBODY” here:

Avid Apple Music listener? Check our J Witt – EVERYBODY for a new sound below.

J Witt

J Witt is a alternative hip hop artist from Gainesville, Georgia. His passion for music stems from multiple experiences with different chapters of his life. Many fans can truly relate to the rapper, especially when he talks about his interactions with negative people. Most J Witt songs have a twist in them where he exemplifies the spirit within each person. Learn more about J Witt and his music by following his social media accounts, including Instagram.

J Witt the rapper from Georgia

Rapper J Witt Social Media

To stay up to date with J Witt, follow his account on Instagram. Shoot him a DM if you’re interested in working with the Georgia artist. It’s clear that the rapper has more works in sight and is open to collaborating with others. Learn more about J Witt by reading our other article about his album release. We think J Witt will consistently drop music and will continue to climb the stream charts. Keep your eye out for this Georgia rapper today!

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