How to start a Rap Career

If you are thinking about starting a rap career, you probably are freestyling with your friends and some may think you have bars. Maybe you have been freestyling for a while and want to get to the next level? Whatever it is, many people wonder what the correct steps are needed to start a rap career.

While there are many different ways to start a rap career, we will go over the essentials before taking your hobby to the next level.

Study Your Idols

Study Your Favorite Rap Songs

A great way to jump-start your rap career is to study artists you’d like to emulate. When you study an artist, you look for what they do lyrically. What kind of rhyme schemes are they using? Where are the adlibs placed? How does the flow change? Study the timings between patterns. The key thing is to find patterns in each popular song from your favorite artists. Once you find patterns, try to come up with similar patterns of your own.

Practice Rap Using Apps

Bandlab and RapChat 2021

After you identify patterns and techniques that other artists use, you must now apply these concepts to your own music. A great way to practice rapping to beats etc. is to use apps like BandLab, which is a great free tool for making music. You are able to add beats, vocals, and mix and master an entire song on your phone.

There are other apps that provide a platform to record and share music. One app is called RapChat. They allow you to make music as well but do not offer a complex editor. RapChat has a large community to share your raps and videos.

Practicing rap using these apps will help you build a small fan base that will slowly grow over time. Using these apps will also help you build consistency when you are ready to move on to bigger apps and platforms.

Prepare for Studio Session

Now that we have been practicing our raps on apps, it’s time to put our best lyrics in writing. Preparing for our first studio session is important if you want to save money and time. Most studios are available for $25-$45 an hour. Studios provide professional service for recording and producing tracks.

When preparing for studio sessions, it is important to have your rap written down or memorized so you don’t have to waste any time on verses and hooks. Keep an ear out for your tone and make sure you are sounding as clear as possible. Enunciate your words fully.

Once you have the vocals recorded, have the engineer place it into your track and polish up the sound. Don’t be afraid to suggest things to the engineer since they might not know exactly what you are looking for.

After all this you should now have a finish track that is ready to be shared everywhere! Rap careers are essentially repeating this process over and over again.

Buy Equipment and Learn

Buying equipment to learn how to make music with your own hands is one of the best ventures you can go by yourself as an artist. You will be able to have 100% control on how your music will sound. Although this means less time for rap, learning production will further your rap career just as much.

The recommended equipment to start off your rap career is a decent laptop, a mic, headphones, and a DAW. These will excel your skills and provide you a much smoother progression towards becoming a professional.


Listen you guys, if you want to take rap serious then I need you to commit yourself to a lot of practice and studying. If you can commit yourself to that without losing enthusiasm then I recommend you going to a studio and record some things you have prepared. All in all, it just takes consistent effort to grow a community and have supporters for your music. Anything we missed? Let us know below!

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