How to Rap: Drop Singles or an Album?

To accomplish an effective rap presence you must decide if it’s best to drop an album or singles. While it may seem clear to you at first, there are many reasons why I recommend starting off with singles rather an album. This article is aimed for artists who recently started publishing music on streaming platforms.Continue reading “How to Rap: Drop Singles or an Album?”

How to Start Rapping in 2021

Here’s a modern guide to start rapping in 2021. As rap changes through time, some techniques die out and are not used by majority of famous artists. With this constantly evolution of rap, you start to notice some things that stick through. It’s my pleasure to share my observations to you so you can haveContinue reading “How to Start Rapping in 2021”

How to start a Rap Career

If you are thinking about starting a rap career, you probably are freestyling with your friends and some may think you have bars. Maybe you have been freestyling for a while and want to get to the next level? Whatever it is, many people wonder what the correct steps are needed to start a rapContinue reading “How to start a Rap Career”