Top 3 Mistakes Rappers Make

When it comes to learning how to rap, rappers often make these 3 mistakes. It’s easy to ramble onto a long freestyle that doesn’t make much sense yet it sounds pretty fire. But to really make your song a masterpiece, you must take into consideration all the small details in the rap. Before we talkContinue reading “Top 3 Mistakes Rappers Make”

Cheap Music Video Ideas for Rappers

For new rappers, music videos are one of the more expensive things to compliment their music. Music videos can do amazing things for you as an artist. This is why it is important to be creative so your video is memorable. Most rappers think that music videos need to feature expensive items like cars, homes,Continue reading “Cheap Music Video Ideas for Rappers”

How to Establish Rhythm in a Rap

While rhythm comes natural to some, it might not be so easy for others. Establishing rhythm is crucial when you are freestyling or rapping. Although Blueface and other rappers are known for rapping out of beat, he still has a rhythm to his sound. This is why rhythm is so important, in this article weContinue reading “How to Establish Rhythm in a Rap”