Chicago Rappers

Chicago, Illinois, has a thriving rap and hip hop music scene, with many talented artists making their mark on the industry. From the city’s early pioneers to its current crop of rising stars, Chicago has produced some of the world’s most influential and successful rappers. The city’s rich musical history is reflected in the diverseContinue reading “Chicago Rappers”

Millennium Tour Will Include Bow Wow & Soulja Boy

Amid the pandemic, The Millennium Tour was postponed until later 2021. Tour dates were now revealed on Friday June 18 and the first location will be Los Angeles at The Forum. The first show will begin on October 1st and the tour will continue for 27 days. In this event Bow Wow and Soulja BoyContinue reading “Millennium Tour Will Include Bow Wow & Soulja Boy”

SouljaCoin: The New Cryptocurrency?

Soulja Boy is at it again with a brand new money making plot! Haha, this guy is incredible, I remember seeing all these different things Soulja would do for a quick buck back in the day. From selling twitter retweets to hustling bogus china made products, Soulja is always innovating. SouljaCoin is a plan SouljaContinue reading “SouljaCoin: The New Cryptocurrency?”