50 Cent Lists Rappers Who Didn’t Make The Cut For Power TV Series

50 cent in black suit cuts rappers from tv show banner

In New York, Executive Producer for the hit show “Power” continues to make strides in the TV industry. 50 Cent lets it be known that he is taking the film industry seriously as he collects multiple NAACP awards. In the new season’s auditions, 50 Cent talks about the rappers who “did not make the cut”.

After discussing with HiphopDX, 50 Cent talks about his shows are growing in the Starz network and who he is bringing aboard in the hit series. In his latest season of Power, he features hip hop artists like Method Man and Keisha, and Mary J. Blige. Legend rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson earned the Outstanding Director in a Drama Series in 2020.

Megan Thee Stallion To Be In STARZ’s Power TV Show

In the same call, 50 Cent says that Megan Thee Stallion will be in the new season and that she is partnered up with legendary writer Pardison Fontaine. Featuring the uprising artist Megan would likely prove to be a good move for both of them. 50 Cent is using his platform to introduce acting debuts to hip hop artists. While he did confirm Megan The Stallion’s spot, it was not the same for other artists.

Quavo and Casanova Denied Spot In TV Show (Black Mafia Family)

Quavo was among the names who auditioned for a character in Black Mafia Family along with rapper Casanova. The rappers auditioned for the character of Omar but unfortunately, the decision was made to not include them in the new season. After breaking up with his partner Saweetie, Quavo is continuing to dabble into his acting career.

Quavo is already partnering up with Robert De Niro in a new movie called Wash Me In The River. This is set to be the first movie Quavo is featured in, making it his acting debut. The same could not be said about Casanova, who got arrested for multiple charges and is now locked up.

50 Cent Reacts To New Movies Post COVID

50 Cent has experienced the movie-making scene for many years now. After realizing his experience, he states, “For one, I think it’s not heavy criteria for you to be a part of the music business like it used to be,”. He continues, “When I came in, you had to work to earn a big enough buzz for the A&R department and so-and-so-on from the music business to sign you to a major record company. Your opportunity to be successful was there because you could work and actually make something out of it. Anybody who recorded last night and put their song on iTunes this morning is technically in the music business.”

50 Cent then talks about how people can still be successful when it comes to chasing dreams. “So whether they’re good or not, it’s the difference in how we separate those artists … they’re still artists. The longer you work at it, it’s a higher probability that you become successful over time because the more passion you put into it, the better it will start to become I believe.”

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