J. Cole Freestyle on LA Leakers at Power 106 FM Radio

J. Cole and his crew at LA Leakers

J. Cole is set to release his newest studio album The Off-Season on Friday May 12. After being away from media outlets for some time, J. Cole returns to Power 106 radio show ‘LA Leakers’ to deliver some serious bars over famous beats. The featured beats were from Soul Of Mischief’s “93 ‘Til Infinity” and Mike Jones’ “Still Tippin”.

His grimy approach on the classic instrumental beats gives the hip hop fans exactly the vibe everyone was waiting for. Many artists have been trying to evolve the sound of hip hop so it was refreshing to see J. Cole tap into the old school vibes.

Some notable lyrics from the freestyle are, “Saturdays, a n-gga used to mow lawns, uh,” he raps. “Nowadays a n-gga be eatin’ prawns/Fuck my bitch by the window, wave to the peeping Toms/Yes, I’m Carolina’s finest/ Southern nigga with New York stamps, honest/Out in Queens with the fiends, I’m your highness/Cole World.”

After the beat changes to another older sample from the 2000s, J. Cole switched up the mood as well and continued to impress everyone in the room. Dreamville is rising to new heights when the new album “The Off-Season” releases. Some more lyrics say, “Ain’t got no time or no patience for list they be makin’,” he spits. “Or who they debatin’ is better/Let’s face it, he one of the greatest/No Bill Cosby shit, but if niggas is sleepin’, then fuck her/Most n-ggas don’t understand me/I don’t do the GRAMMYs, I be in my jammies on sofa.”

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