J. Cole’s New Album The Off-Season Debuts at No. 1

J Cole playing basketball at the courts

It’s no surprise that rapper J. Cole’s newest album debuted number 1 on Billboard 200. The Off-Season was released on May 14 and has sold around 282,000 unites in the first week. His hip hop album consists of 12 classic styled tracks that broke the internet as The Off-Season toke the record for the largest first week album sales for 2021.

J. Cole has been working on rap album The Off-Season for quite some time, and his fans were anxiously waiting. The album proved to be a fan favorite as soon as the first song hit (95 South). Other great tracks that were featured by J Cole is The Climb Back, Interlude, Amari, Applying Pressure, My Life, Punchin’ The Clock, and Let Go My Hand.

One of the more extraordinary things about this hip hop album was the amount of producers in the project. With 7+ producers, J. Cole wanted everyone to be a part of this masterpiece. Some of the hip hop producers were namely; Timbaland, boi-1da, Frank Dukes, T-Minus, Tae Beast, DJ Dahi and more!

The Off-Season Documentary – Applying Pressure

In this short film, J. Cole introduces Applying Pressure, a documentary for his newest album ‘The Off-Season’. Following the footsteps in many OG rappers, Jermaine Cole produced this entire film himself with a little bit of help from Ibrahim Hamad. The North Carolina rapper takes us behind the scenes of the album. While the video is only 12 minutes long, it’s certainly work seeing below.

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