Young Thug YSL Trial Update: Judge Rules Lyrics Can Be Used in RICO Case

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In a controversial decision, a judge has ruled that prosecutors will be allowed to use rap lyrics as evidence against rapper Young Thug. This will be applied to when he goes to trial on gang and racketeering charges later this month.

The ruling comes after months of debate over whether rap lyrics should be admissible in court, with some arguing that it is a violation of the First Amendment and unfairly targets Black artists. Young Thug’s attorneys had argued that his lyrics were protected speech and should not be used against him, but the judge disagreed.

Prosecutors argue that the lyrics are relevant to the charges against Young Thug, who is accused of co-founding a violent street gang called Young Slime Life, or YSL. They say the lyrics can be used to show that Young Thug was aware of the gang’s activities and promoted them through his music.

young Thug talking to his lawyers

Is The Use of Rap Lyrics as Evidence in Crimes Fair?

The use of rap lyrics as evidence in criminal cases has been a growing trend in recent years. Some critics argue that the practice is unfair and unconstitutional, while others say it is a necessary tool for prosecuting gang members.

The ongoing trial of Young Thug has the potential to establish an important legal precedent regarding the use of rap lyrics as evidence in court. If the prosecutors succeed in utilizing his lyrics against him, it could result in significant implications for future cases involving the use of artistic expression as evidence in legal proceedings.

Young Thug looks at the crowd when judge declares lyrics usable

In addition to the First Amendment concerns, there is also the issue of racial bias. Some critics argue that the use of rap lyrics as evidence is more likely to be used against Black defendants and that it can perpetuate negative stereotypes about Black people and hip hop culture. Many fans shared their opinions about this matter after mugshots of Young Thug released to the public.

The Young Thug trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, November 27th. We’ll update our news page once we receive all the information. 

Young Thug YSL RICO Case

Young Thug’s RICO case has been circulating around the media for months, and it’s an interesting event to happen in the history of hip hop. The results of this court case can cause a shift in how this genre of music is made. It wouldn’t be the first time music is being used against artists in the US. We’ve been following this case since it started, if you’re not caught up with Young Thug’s RICO case, I recommend visiting our initial news article

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