Young Thug YSL RICO Trial

Young Thug in courtroom

A Fulton County Superior Court judge has scheduled a hearing for next week to discuss the admissibility of rap lyrics as evidence in the ongoing YSL RICO trial. The trial involves rapper Young Thug and several others and is centered around allegations of racketeering and conspiracy. The judge’s decision on whether or not the rap lyrics will be permitted as evidence could have a significant impact on the outcome of the trial.

Prosecutors say the lyrics are evidence of crimes committed by the gang, while defense attorneys argue that they are artistically protected speech. The case has dragged on for 10 months, but a jury was finally seated on Wednesday. A hearing on the use of rap lyrics will be held on November 8. Meanwhile, lawmakers have introduced legislation to protect rappers’ First Amendment rights after the YSL indictments.

Should Rap Lyrics Be Used as Evidence?

The “Restoring Artistic Protections Act,” or “RAP Act,” would limit using lyrics as permissible evidence in federal court. The bill would require federal prosecutors to prove that the lyrics refer to the specific facts of an alleged federal crime or show that the artist literally intended to carry out what they said in those lyrics.

The proposed bill, which has yet to pass, has sparked a heated debate about using rap lyrics as evidence in criminal cases. This debate has only intensified due to the high-profile RICO case against Young Thug and several other rappers. The outcome of this case could potentially have a significant impact on how law enforcement and the courts approach and interpret rap lyrics.

Young Thug Mugshots

Young Thug is currently fighting several legal charges, including murder and armed robbery. In the mugshot, he looks disappointed, wearing a white tank top and messy hair, with the logo of Fulton County Jail in the background. Interestingly, Young Thug is accused of ordering a hit on another rapper, YFN Lucci, who is also in the same jail. View our Young Thug mugshots page to take a look. 

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