Rappers In Jail

Rappers are notoriously known for getting in trouble with the law. Nowadays, many artists go to jail due to charges related to their lifestyles. Rappers encourage each other to avoid criminal activities since they have another chance to change their lives with music. But sometimes, this is hard to accomplish, and the community loses talentedContinue reading “Rappers In Jail”

Taleban Dooda & 42 Dugg Collab on “Trappin’ Ain’t Dead”

Taleban Dooda is an upcoming Tampa artist whose singles are reaching millions. 42 Dugg recently sought him out for a project. From Tampa Bay, Dooda has been flooding the hip hop scene with a new sound. Taleban prides himself and his city, especially after the city’s victory this football season. Meeting up with 42 DuggContinue reading “Taleban Dooda & 42 Dugg Collab on “Trappin’ Ain’t Dead””