How Old Is Snoop Dogg?

In 2022, rap legend Snoop Dogg will be 51 years old. On October 20th, 1971, Snoop was born in Long Beach, CA. The rapper is arguably the most famous in the industry, considering his work with large corporations from various networks. Snoop Dogg started off playing piano as a child, and later, he became knownContinue reading “How Old Is Snoop Dogg?”

Kay Flock

Kay Flock is an influential songwriter and rapper who made hit songs in 2020. One of his most popular singles was “Not in the Mood” by Lil Tjay. After reaching Billboard Hot 100, Kay Flock released his debut mixtape titled “The D.O.A.” The 19-year-old rapper has since amassed millions of streams on all platforms.  KevinContinue reading “Kay Flock”

Baby Keem

Baby Keem has a massive fanbase in the music industry. Born Hykeem Jamaal Carter, Baby Keem received enormous notoriety as an American rapper. He became massively popular after releasing the single “Orange Soda.” Baby Keem is currently 21 years old and is originally from Carson, California.  Another interesting fact about Baby Keem is that he’sContinue reading “Baby Keem”

Mario Judah

Mario Judah is an upcoming American rapper that has made headlines. The alternative hip hop artist has caught the attention of many famous talents. Many fans compare Mario Judah with Playboi Carti, and it makes sense. The young rapper began producing music at 18 and eventually became a songwriter.  Genres that describe Mario Judah’s soundContinue reading “Mario Judah”

How to Start Rapping in 2021

Here’s a modern guide to start rapping in 2021. As rap changes through time, some techniques die out and are not used by majority of famous artists. With this constantly evolution of rap, you start to notice some things that stick through. It’s my pleasure to share my observations to you so you can haveContinue reading “How to Start Rapping in 2021”

Rap & Hip Hop: Consistency vs Talent

I’m sure you have heard of the saying, “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” and that couldn’t be any further from the truth in the world of Hip Hop. The One Hit Wonder Myth Rappers and hip hop producers always work towards that one big ‘hit’ that will launch their careers intoContinue reading “Rap & Hip Hop: Consistency vs Talent”