Kanye West Biography

Kanye West continues to influence the youth through his music and ventures. He’s given many rappers the confidence to follow their heart to a creative path. Kanye West loves comparing himself to ordinary and unusual people. Kanye West unveiled his new clothing line, saying, “I am Shakespeare in the flesh.” People can’t seem to stopContinue reading “Kanye West Biography”

Ohio Rapper Tae Mitch Debuts “Be Rich” Music Video on YouTube

Tae Mitch is an upcoming rapper from Youngstown Ohio. His hip-hop music consists of hype energy & catchy verses. Tae clearly knows his way around the mic as he started making music during his teenage years. Since then he has consistently published new rap tracks with music videos attached. Some of his more notable musicContinue reading “Ohio Rapper Tae Mitch Debuts “Be Rich” Music Video on YouTube”

George Seven

With a great sense of Chillhop, George Seven is making waves in the underground rap scene. Listeners are describing him as a “Chill Tyler The Creator” musician. From Houston Texas, George experiments with all sorts of music but found a great attraction to the chillhop sector.   George Seven’s new album “2009” has 13 tracks which beautifully transitions from one toContinue reading “George Seven”