George Seven

With a great sense of Chillhop, George Seven is making waves in the underground rap scene. Listeners are describing him as a “Chill Tyler The Creator” musician. From Houston Texas, George experiments with all sorts of music but found a great attraction to the chillhop sector.  

George Seven’s new album “2009” has 13 tracks which beautifully transitions from one to the other, the whole album is filled with chill vibes and spontaneous sounds. Here is his Spotify.

One of our personal favorites from his album is ‘Persona’. Other popular songs from George Seven is ‘Swish’, ‘Love is Stronger Than Time’ and ‘Foxcatcher’. 

More fans are coming from Chicago, Dallas, and Atlanta. The scene is starting to realize his creative talent and skills for lyrical content.  

If you’re looking for a nice mix to relax and chill while driving, this new album from George Seven is the place to go! Seriously a fun listen for all fans of hip hop. Check out his Instagram for sneak peeks into new projects. Subscribe to his YouTube here. Listen to him on SoundCloud Here.  

We’re looking forward to what George Seven releases next! 

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