How To Find The Key Of A Sample In FL Studio

Learning to find the key of a sample in FL studio is a must in producing. If your sample does not match the key of a song, listeners will find the sound displeasing. Luckily, we’ve created an easy-to-learn tutorial on how to find the key of samples in FL Studio. Part of this method requiresContinue reading “How To Find The Key Of A Sample In FL Studio”

Ways To Make Your Music More Interesting

This guide teaches you everything you need to know about making music sound more enjoyable. As a producer, we listen to thousands of sounds and patterns. After some time, some tracks may start sounding the same, and that’ll cause issues. To avoid this, we’ve curated a list of things you can do to make yourContinue reading “Ways To Make Your Music More Interesting”

How To Find The Key Of Your Kicks & 808s in FL Studio

Many hip hop producers tune their kicks, 808s, snares, and other instruments to achieve the right sound. Staying in key is essential for delivering a comfortable listening experience. While some beginners may overlook this step, pros are quick to note the differences. In this tutorial, we will teach you how to find the key ofContinue reading “How To Find The Key Of Your Kicks & 808s in FL Studio”

How To Sell Your 1st Hip Hop Beat

I’m sure you heard plenty of success stories when it comes to selling beats. Simply post your beat on beatstars or traktrain and whala! Actually, it’s not quite that simple and I would actually stay away from these “Sell Your Beats Here” websites. If you tried to sell your beats before you might realize howContinue reading “How To Sell Your 1st Hip Hop Beat”

How to Make Lofi Music

Lo-fi originated from the term low-fidelity which referred to the poor quality of a sound signal. What was once undesirable became essential in creating a whole new genre of music. Lofi music utilizes samples and frequently includes hip hop beats. Thus, lofi becomes an attractive arena to hip hop producers. Capture the distraught feeling thatContinue reading “How to Make Lofi Music”

Understanding Reverb: Main Parameters

Reverb may seem like a simple effect but it can get quite complex. There are many different kinds of reverbs that naturally occur in the environment around you. The concept reaches beyond the plugin when you learn how reverbs came to be how it was produced in early years. Times are different now in whichContinue reading “Understanding Reverb: Main Parameters”

Make Sound Wider With Left / Right Processing

The width of a sound can help your music sound more full. This will take more space in the listeners ear which is what you want to do to increase the listening experience. With left / right processing, we are able to increase the width of the signal. You will need to add EQ curvesContinue reading “Make Sound Wider With Left / Right Processing”

Save Time With Hip Hop Samples | Rap Production

Many think that the key to a hip hop hit is creating a unique sound that can stand the test of time. But more often than not, the most popular hip hop songs today have samples. It’s not necessary to create something unique when instead you can create something familiar to the ear. This familiarityContinue reading “Save Time With Hip Hop Samples | Rap Production”

Open vs Closed Headphones

Usually it comes down to preference when it comes to open and closed headphones. Closed headphones are designed to isolate your ears from any outside noise. Open headphones allow some outside noise to get in which will present the sound as more natural. It depends on the listeners and what they would prefer but generallyContinue reading “Open vs Closed Headphones”

Pocketing Kick and Bass

Pocketing your kick and bass can really tighten up your sound. This results in better fits for your instruments. Pocket EQing is a technique that makes small boosts and cuts in sounds that accompany the same frequencies. A common technique is taking the Q in a tight form and with a 10 db boost andContinue reading “Pocketing Kick and Bass”