Gina Huynh

Gina Huynh has been trending recently in rap outlets due to her exchanges with Yung Miami. The socialite dated hip-hop legend Diddy and many controversial topics have occurred since. Gina Huynh went onto Twitter and commented on a picture of Yung Miami and the famous icon. The City Girls performer then reacted to the tweetContinue reading “Gina Huynh”


Druski is an internet personality who went from making live Instagram videos to working with famous artists. The comedian is featured in a variety of shows that are on the big screen. Druski’s real name is Drew Dawit Desbordes, and he was first known for trolling random people who joined his life. His Instagram showContinue reading “Druski”


VladTV is a large media company that covers hip hop, rappers, and other areas in the music industry. Known for their YouTube podcast, host Vladimir Lyubovny interviews artists about their life and criminal activities. In recent months, the channel has received backlash from mainstream rappers about his questioning techniques. Some have said that VladTV worksContinue reading “VladTV”

Yung Miami

Yung Miami is part of a music duo named City Girls, who make headlines across the industry. The two ladies are famous for their twerk-style videos and collaborations with artists like Cardi B. Yung Miami. They represent a bubbly nature and catchy phrases that go viral online. View the rapper’s social media, like Instagram, toContinue reading “Yung Miami”

Coi Leray Dad

Many fans don’t know Coi Leray’s dad is TV Personality Benzino. Raymond Leon Scott, aka Ray Benzino, is an urban media proprietor, rapper, and record producer. Coi Leray expresses her feelings towards her father in multiple interviews. The artist claims her father is bitter and evil, and the drama has caused a stir on socialContinue reading “Coi Leray Dad”