Rappers On Tour

Since COVID in 2020, many musicians and rappers have stayed indoors for safety. Now that the pandemic has eased, many more artists are hosting shows again. Check out the rappers who are doing tours in 2022. We recommend booking your tickets early to avoid inconvenience later on. Hip hop festivals are also popping back up,Continue reading “Rappers On Tour”

Kendrick Lamar Registers 30 New Songs For Hip Hop Album

Kendrick Lamar new hip hop song titles were registered with ASCAP/BMI services. The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers is an organization that protects musicians and artists copyrights. If Kendrick is registering the songs now, you can expect his rap album to come out fairly soon. Many hip hop fans are now at theContinue reading “Kendrick Lamar Registers 30 New Songs For Hip Hop Album”

Kendrick Lamar Releases New Single With Baby Keem On Friday

Rap icon Kendrick Lamar has been out the rap scene for about a year. Fans are excited to know that the rapper will drop new music on Friday and it’s already on the top 5 hype list. Many hip hop fans are anticipating Kendrick’s new release which will feature artist Baby Keem. A snippet ofContinue reading “Kendrick Lamar Releases New Single With Baby Keem On Friday”

Kendrick Lamar’s Album “DAMN” Breaks Record

An artist’s dream is to have a project last years. Some last decades, for Kendrick Lamar, he accomplished something quite extraordinary this week. His album “DAMN” continues to remain on the Billboard 200 charts for over 200 weeks. It is no surprise that the album did good, the project really captured a generation of listeners.Continue reading “Kendrick Lamar’s Album “DAMN” Breaks Record”