Yung Miami

Yung Miami with designer clothes

Yung Miami is part of a music duo named City Girls, who make headlines across the industry. The two ladies are famous for their twerk-style videos and collaborations with artists like Cardi B. Yung Miami. They represent a bubbly nature and catchy phrases that go viral online. View the rapper’s social media, like Instagram, to see her lifestyle as a badass. Yung Miami’s real name is Careshsa Brownlee, and she grew up in Florida, obviously. 

Now the dynamic duo tours the nation and pumps the party to new heights! Having experience with partying as a teenager, Yung Miami and her partner J.T. dominated the space during their upbringing. Another famous artist they have worked with is Drake. Learn more information on Yung Miami by reading our article below. 

Yung Miami and Diddy love interest

Yung Miami Age

City Girls star Yung Miami is now 28 years old in 2022. The artist was born on February 11, 1994. Yung Miami experienced her early influences in Miami, Florida. Her full name, Caresha Romeka Brownlee, still revolves around her family and friends. Yung Miami received many music awards while she was in her 20s. City Girls will release new albums and events for fans in the upcoming years. 

Yung Miami And Diddy

Yung Miami and Diddy have been dating each other for months, but the relationship is still a ‘rumor.’ The City Girls artist has been going on luxury vacations with the hip-hop legend. Yung Miami continues to dominate the twerking charts while receiving backlash about her relationship with Diddy. Caresha Please recently interviewed Diddy about how he feels about Yung Miami, and he says, “I’m just taking my time at life.” Fans know the couple will continue to date and eventually come out publicly. 

Yung Miami Net Worth

Yung Miami means business, with a net worth of $2 million. Being only 26 years, this female artist also ventures into fashion. Yung Miami is a talented designer who shows off her works on social media. Many fans are delighted to see Yung Miami featured in various shows and series. Her contract consists of a salary of $300,000 a year. 

Yung Miami in grey dress at a basketball game

Yung Miami Rap Freaks

Yung Miami’s Rap Freaks is a single released in 2021 with high energy. Watch the lyric video on YouTube or click on the direct link below. Yung Miami’s official music video of Rap Freaks has over 5 million hits with thousands of comments. 

Yung Miami Twitter

You can follow Yung Miami on Twitter @YungMiami305 to look at her personal life. View the artist’s lifestyle on this social media platform by clicking on our tweet below. Yung Miami expresses her thoughts about modern hits, news, and more on Twitter.  

Yung Miami Mom

Yung Miami’s mom is Keenya Young and is known to have a wild personality. Her outgoing side has gotten media attention for shooting her shot at Lil Baby. Many fans also say that Yung Miami looks just like her mother. You can view photos of the two on social platforms like Instagram, Twitter, & TikTok. 

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