9lokknine – Why You LYING

9lokknine is receiving major feedback and praise for his latest single ‘Why You LYING’. Check the music video out on YouTube. The video has already reached 4 million views since May 14th.  

Why You LYING 

9lokknine newest single ‘Why You LYING’ is proving to be another Florida Banger. While the song revolves around guns and violence, we get a glimpse that 9lokknine is not spending money carelessly. In the lyrics we can hear him confronting a partner stating that he is ‘dropping bags’ but in fact responds ‘Bitch no I don’t why you lying’. 

Who is 9lokknine? 

20-year-old Jacquavius Dennard Smith, known as 9lokknine, is an Orlando rapper who was well over 50 million views on YouTube and millions more and other streaming platforms. 9lokknine signed to Cash Money Records in August 2018 for supposedly 2 million dollars.  

9lokknine Popular Releases 

9lokknine received most of his initial exposure through WorldStarHipHop. He released his music video for ‘JailHizeeBluez’ which he wrote in prison. His first mixtape was ‘Kold Face Kold Case’ and shortly released a second mixtape ‘Bloodshells Revenge’ in 2018.  

9lokknine then released a music video for his single ‘I Don’t Need No Help’. In August 2018 he signed to Cash Money Records and Republic Records. That December he released a 11-track mixtape ‘Lil Glokk That Stole Khristmas’. 

9lokknine continued to make one of his most popular song and feature ‘223s’ with YMW Melly. In 2019 he released ‘Mind of Destruction’ which served as his first official mixtape release on Cash Money and Republic. In 2020 he released a single called ‘Moods’. 

I personally like an underrated song by him called ‘Backwoods’ which is a bass heavy trap track.  

9lokknine Criminal History 

I think it’s safe to say that 9lokknine is no stranger to criminal activity. In May 2019, the Orlando rapper was arrested on 17 criminal charges including possession of cannabis with intent to sell, possession of a firearm of a convicted felon and many other charges. Earlier in his career, in 2018 9lokknine was aressted for grand theft in the third degree.  

Earlier this January 9lokknine was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm in Miami. He can be facing up to 5 years if found guilty.  

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