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Jeso is an upcoming artist from West Orlando in Florida. Many are drawn to his catchy vocal sounds and he’s quickly becoming a staple. Rapper Jeso’s most popular song is ‘Night Riding’ with hundreds of thousands of listens.

Jeso is running rounds around social media like TikTok and he’s said to have more music coming soon. What’s interesting is that his praise is coming years later from his release.

Jeso – Night Riding

Jeso’s Night Riding music video is a great visual for those new to his music. You can check out the full video below. Follow him on Instagram today to be updated with his newest singles!

Jeso – Night Riding on Spotify

Listen to Jeso’s newest singles on Spotify for the best listening experience. This popular track will continue to spread as Jeso releases his new singles. You can check out the hip hop song below.

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