Lucky Daye – Mercy Mercy Me

Lucky Daye Valentine Album

Lucky Daye releases two track project including ‘Mercy Mercy Me’ on Spotify. Lucky Daye is one of those unique artists that is quietly catching waves in 2021. After being nominated 4 times for the Grammys, Daye released a wonderful album in February named Table For Two. The Valentine’s RnB project included female artists like Yebba and Mahalia.

After the success of his duet inspired album, Luke Daye met up with the team at Spotify studios to make some music. The New Orleans rapper has now dropped those singles on Spotify music which you can listen to below. The original song “Mercy Mercy Me” was sang by Marvin Gaye and the accompanying track “Floods” is his own.

Lucky Daye in orange jacket with pink background pastel

Lucky Daye debut album was Painted, which is also available on all streaming platforms. Many enjoy the rapper’s RnB style when it comes to music and many fans are quickly becoming attached to his sound. The team at Spotify also gifted the rapper with a spot on a billboard near the New York Police Department.

Lucky Daye was featured on Genius lyrics explained and was asked on his inspiration with the recent Spotify project. Lucky says, “The inspiration behind this song was this girl who I loved, and I thought she loved me back. She made me feel like I made her run away from me, but I didn’t know what I did and she couldn’t tell what I did. So, I just wrote it. I was drunk. The floods represent not only tears, but it was drinking. I’m flooding my system with just drinks, drinks, drinks. I was gone that night.”

Lucky Daye “Mercy Mercy Me” on Spotify Music

You can hear the near Lucky Daye cover of “Mercy Mercy Me” on Spotify now. Daye expresses his emotions and many hip hop fans are loving it. Click on the Spotify player below to hear a snippet of the new song.

Lucky Daye “Mercy Mercy Me” Lyrics

But you make seasons change with no fair warning
How you make seasons change without saying something? Oh
All these reasons I give lead you to running
Don’t leave me out in the cold without my warm thang

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