Troy Ave – Hit The Road

Troy Ave and his crew smiling

Troy Ave is a new upcoming New York rapper who recently dropped an album including “Hit The Road”. The name of his latest project is Kill Or Be Killed which brings eerie vibes along with interesting feels. Some say the sound of his new album sounds like the golden era in hip hop music.

Some memorable lyrics includes, “But I don’t care about your pu**yhole, I’m motivated by money, not pu**y ho / I get that dough, and play a different type of tic-tac-toe / All my exes know how to whip that O.” His interesting rap style reminds people of the 90s when rap was becoming more popular.

Troy Ave – Hit The Road on YouTube

You may listen to Troy Ave “Hit The Road” on YouTube now by clicking on the video below. Make sure you support the hip hop artist on all platforms and share it among your friends. Let us know what you think about Troy Ave in the comment section.

troy ave kill or be killed rap album cover

Listen to Troy Ave – Hit The Road on Spotify

Listen to Troy Ave – Hit The Road on Spotify music for a chillin experience. If you are subscribed to Spotify, you will be able to stream his whole album that features many more songs. Give us some feedback on what you think about this track below!

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